Brilliant Perspectives

The Practice Of Delight

Episode Summary

In this episode we continue with the theme of Joy from last week, listening to a clip from one of Graham’s teachings found on called “The Practice of Delight.” Some key thoughts that Graham explores in this episode: - “Joy is Who God is, and heaven is full of joy. So joy is the atmosphere of heaven,” ...thus it’s a reality that we can live in because of our citizenship there and our placement in Christ in heavenly places. - In the Holy Spirit, you can make even the smallest thing a delight. - God is FULL of pleasure and joy! He’s the happiest person we can know. - Learn to see the good. Learn to see the joy. Learn to see the pleasure in life, because it enlarges you on the inside. -Learn to take pleasure in your relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Episode Notes

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