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Expect To Be Joyful

Episode Summary

Today’s episode comes from the video series “The Art of Awareness” on Brilliant TV; and the video series itself is based on content from Graham’s groundbreaking book, “The Nature of Freedom.” In this episode, Graham expounds upon what a life of joy in God looks like, and how we abide in that. How we set our Expectation has a significant impact on Joy becoming our everyday experience. It’s is not a come-and-go emotion, but is always present because of who God is for us; therefore we have permission to EXPECT Joy in Jesus, and we should also expect to DISCOVER an increase of Joy in our lives as we walk the road ahead. Graham reminds us of David’s words in the Psalms -- that in God’s presence is fullness of joy. Since we have His presence on the inside of us, joy is already part of the environment in which we get to live. Key Scriptures for this episode are: + James 1:2-4 + Psalm 16:11 + Philippians 4:4 Enjoy!

Episode Notes

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